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Totsukawa Onsen

  • Hot Springs

Not boiled, not diluted, all facilities are "source overflow" for the ultimate hot spring spot

The hot spring village includes the Futatsuno Dam. The lake surface mystically reflects the mountains and the deep green of the surroundings. It is said that the charcoal making craftsmen discovered the hot spring during Genroku era (around 1690). Additionally, there is an upper hot water stream that creates a rustic hot spring there as well. In the middle of a mountain on the way to the lower stream, there is a manpowered ropeway called "yaen", or "wild money".


AddressHiratani, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture 637-1554
Access・240 minute bus ride from Yamato-Yagi Station to Totsukawa Onsen bus stop
・ 180 minute bus ride from Gojo Station to Totsukawa Onsen
・120 minute bus ride from Shingu Station to Totsukawa Onsen