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"Machiya" café KANNA

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Nara's specialty tea gruel and jewelry-like sweets are served at Machiya's tatami-style room

A tranquil cafe built in Machiya that blends well with the Naramachi appearance. The rice cake broiled by charcoal brazier is covered with soy sauce, sliced and put into the Yamato traditional dish "tea gruel", is a place where you can spend relaxing time as if you are relaxing in the ancient capital. The Japanese style sweets popular among women is "kannanokobako". The skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze, kuzu starch cake, sakura mochi (Japanese traditional sweets), matcha jelly, and fresh fruits among others, are stuffed and placed in a stylish tailor-made box. You can satisfy both your stomach and heart.


Address19-2 Nishiterabayashicho, Nara City, Nara, 630-8372
Access8-minute walk from Kintetsunara Station
Regular holidayNo regular holidays