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Asuka Kyuseki<Den Asuka Itabuki No Miya Ato>

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明日香村教育委員会 提供

明日香村教育委員会 提供

The spot where the Taika Reform's stage started

During the mid-7th century, the Den Asuka Itabuki Miya Ato was the stage in which Prince Nakanooe (Emperor Tenji) assassinated Iruka Sogano during the Ishii Incident at the palace of Emperor Kogyoku. Multiple palace ruins lie here. The stone paving square and the Oido trace, which are both now being restored, belonged to the Asuka Palace.


AddressAsuka-mura Oka, Takaichi-gun, Nara Prefecture 634-0111
Access30 minute bus ride from Kashiharajingumae Station to Okatenrikyomae Station

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