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Enryakuji Temple, Mt. Hiei【World Heritage】

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(C)Biwako Visitors Bureau All Rights Reserved.

(C)Biwako Visitors Bureau All Rights Reserved.

The head temple of Tendai sect with beautiful views

This is the head temple of the Tendai Sect in the vast sacred area on Mt. Hiei. It started as a hermitage founded by Saicho on Mt. Hiei in the end of Nara Period. The precinct in the towering giant cedars has a dignified atmosphere as a monastery. On top of the mountain, there is the Todo area where Konponchudo is centered, Saito area where Shakado is centered and Yokawa area that was opened by Priest Ennin.


Address4220 Sakamoto-honmachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture 520-0116
AccessA short walk from Sakamoto Cable Car Enryakuji Station, which can be reached from Keihan Sakamoto Station or JR Hieizan-Sakamoto Station.
Hours[Todo area] March to November: 8:30-16:30, December: 9:00-16:00, January to February: 9:00-16:30
[Saito and Yokawa area] March to November: 9:00-16:00, December: 9:30-15:30, January to February: 9:30-16:00
Regular holidayOpen 7 days a week
Fee[Valid at Todo, Saito and Yokawa area]
Adults 800 yen, Junior high & high school students 500 yen, Elementary school students 300 yen
[Valid at Kokuho-den (Museum) only]
Adults 500 yen, Junior high & high school students 300 yen, Elementary school students 100 yen

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