Special Feature: Food Tourism in KansaiLegend of Beauty: Take a one-week trip along this local route and sample gourmet treats

(SENPAI) foreign Kansai residents recommend unique delicious foods and sightseeing spots! Kansai Gourmet Trip
The SENPAI who Guide the Gourmet Trip
Do you know the Japanese word ''senpai''? It's a characteristic Japanese expression referring to your seniors or superiors at school or work.
In this case, the ”SENPAI” who introduce you to the Kansai gourmet trip have been local residents for a long time. Having both an international perspective and deep knowledge of Kansai, they can provide useful information to foreign travelers!

Go on a gourmet journey with the KANSAI ONE PASS IC card!

Kyoto / Uji - Fushimi tourism course

A tour of matcha and sake of Uji and Fushimi, the land of Heian

Shiga / Hikone - Omihachiman - Otsu tourism course

Experience the Taihei culture of Hikone and the specialty gourmets of Lake Biwa

Hyogo / Kobe - Rokko tourism course

A healing trip of Nada's sake, scenic night views, and Kobe sweets

Nara tourism course

A tour of Nara's specialty gourmet born from the history and footprints of the Tenpyo culture

Osaka / Sakai tourism course

A stroll through the good, old townscapes of Japan while experiencing the town of craftsmen

Other routes to enjoy eating

※Notes: The following sightseeing routes include areas where "KANSAI ONE PASS IC cards" can not be used.

Fukui / Wakasa tourism course

Indulge in the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and gourmet of Wakasa port city

Kyoto / Amanohashidate - Ine tourism course

Think of the world of Japanese mythology and taste the seasonal foods of Konanjuku

Kyoto / Maizuru - Hyogo / Toyooka tourism course

Indulge in the seasonal gourmets of Tango and hot springs of Shirosaki while traveling by a tourist train

Tottori / Tottori sand dunes tourism course

The local gourmets, myths, and hot springs blown by the sea breeze of the vast Tottori sand dune

Wakayama / Shirahama tourism course

Eat fresh fish and shellfish nurtured by the rich nature and warm currents

Wakayama / Nachi-katsuura tourism course

A tour around the temple of the Kii mountain range with rich fish and shellfish from the warm currents