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Japan. Endless Discovery.

IC card type ticket with special benefitsKANSAI ONE PASS

Travel around

Foreign visitors only. With a KANSAI ONE PASS, you can smoothly make connections with any major trains in the Kansai region without buying tickets each time. What’s more, by showing it at the sightseeing spots, you may receive discount services.
Check the KANSAI ONE PASS Mobile site with your smartphone for more details.

Launching on Friday, April 8th

  • To be used for travel on JR, subways, private railways and buses.

  • Discount services at many facilities and shops by presenting the card.

    At the participating facilities or shops, you can receive various benefits or services such as discounting.

KANSAI ONE PASS mobileUse your device in the Wi-Fi access point.

From the olden days, Kansai has been at the center of history as the capital of Japan and has created the history of Japan.
Over the eternal history of 1400 years, Kansai has always welcomed tourists with its multifaceted charm of history, nature,and culture, where tourists can forget their every-day life.
Visit the historical heritages, including the five world heritage sites, and the Holy Land, where faith, myths and legends were born.
It is a trip to touch the traditional beauty, natural beauty, spiritual culture, and aesthetic sense of life and culture.
Why don’t you experience a tour to the “Flower of Japan, KANSAI -A Trip to the Real Japan – 5 World Heritage Sites and 7 Spectacular Landscapes -”

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