IC card type ticket with special benefitsKANSAI ONE PASS

Travel Around “Kansai” with Just one IC card and a smartphone

Foreign visitors only. With a KANSAI ONE PASS, you can smoothly make connections with any major trains
in the Kansai region without buying tickets each time. What’s more, by showing it at the sightseeing spots,
you may receive discount services.
Check the KANSAI ONE PASS site with your smartphone for more details.

To be used for travel on JR, subways, private railways and buses.

A KANSAI ONE PASS card is accepted on major trains and buses in the Kansai region
including transportation facilities with ICOCA PITaPa and IC markings.
Just touch the card at the ticket gate and you’re ready to go!
Touch the card to the reader on the right side of the ticket gate for more than one second, then walk through. The fare is automatically calculated.
No need to buy a ticket every time you get on the train. The card is rechargeable.
You can get on major trains and buses in the Kansai region with a KANSAI ONE PASS card. Making connections is also simple and easy.
You can use it any time because there is no expiration date.
Please use it again when you visit the Kansai region next time.
*It is also refundable with handling fee.

Discount services at many facilitiesand shops by presenting the card.

You can search sightseeing spots by category or area!
Search by category, area or nearest tour spots from your current location is possible.
Full of tourist information including useful directions.
You don’t have to bring guide books or maps with you. Sightseeing information and maps can be checked using only your smartphone.
You can receive discount services at sightseeing spots by showing the card.
At the participating facilities or shops, you can receive various benefits or services such as discounting.
Show the card at KIX for special offers!
You may receive discount or other services upon purchase by presenting the card at the duty free shops and other facilities in the Kansai International Airport (KIX).

*Various discount services are available by presenting KANSAI ONE PASS at the participating facilities and shops.
*Visit KANSAI ONE PASS site (http://kansaionepass.com) for the benefit details.
*If your KANSAI ONE PASS gets damaged, you will be issued a new card with the standard ICOCA design. New cards are issued the day after you report the issue at the office of a JR West, Keihan, Kintetsu, Nankai, Osaka Municipal Transport Bureau, Kobe Municipal Transportation Bureau, or Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau station with ICOCA markings. Please note that you cannot qualify for complimentary benefits with a reissued standard-design ICOCA card.
*Please note that discount services may be terminated or modified without prior notice.