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Kashikojima España Cruise

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Surrounded by the Sakishima Peninsula, Ago Bay is an inland sea with a quintessential rias coast with an intricate coastline. Its 60 islands and pearl-farming rafts create a unique landscape.

A 50-min cruise around Ago Bay on the Esperança, a ship modeled on a real sailing vessel. Passengers can see Pearl rafts floating in the bay used for culturing pearls. The indented coastline and the unique island scenery are the best photo spots


Kashikojima España Cruise

By presenting the KANSAI ONE PASS card

Adult:100-yen discount
Child:50-yen discount

Expiration date
Until March 31, 2025


Address752-11, Agochoshinmei, Shima-shi, Mie
AccessApprox. 2-min walk from KASHIKOJIMA Sta. (Cruises depart from Kashikojima Port)
Regular holidayCruises may be suspended for regular inspections of ships in service (approximately two weeks in January or February).
FeeAdults (Junior high school students and above): ¥1,800 Children (4 years old to elementary school students): ¥1,000