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JR Shin-Kobe St. Rental Car Arima Hot Spring Awajishima Island Shikoku

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Kobe, Himeji, even Shikoku! Rent a car, enjoy a wider journey!

Shinkansen(Japanese bullet train) and highways, Shin-Kobe is an important point on transportation artery!
You can go to Northern Hyogo, even Sanin area from Shin-Kobe, also it is convenient to go to Awajishima Island even Shikoku Island.
One way rental fee of JR Rent-A-Car(West) would be free if distance between two shops is under 50 kilimeters. One way rental fee is ZERO from Shin-Kobe to Kobe, Sannomiya, Osaka and Shin-Osaka!

Now for every customer purchased Kansai One Pass we provide 10% off discount at JR Rent-A-Car(West) Shin-Kobe shop! Shin-Kobe belongs to Kansai Area.
*Please remember to bring valid driving license in Japan to pick up, thank you!
For more details of driving license, please copy this shortened URL:

【Please note】
※ Please be sure to bring a valid driving license in Japan to the car rental.For more information of driving license, please connect ours website:

※ No discount period: 4 / 27-5 / 6, 8 / 10-8 / 19, 12 / 28-1 / 6
● Please go to our website from below and add the promo code [KOPDCT] to get 10% off.
※ Offers are limited to shops in Kansai, Hokuriku and Chugoku.
● Or you can get special offer with Kansai One Pass to rent a car in our shops.
※ We recommended to make a reservation before you go to rental shops. Sometimes we cannot proived the car when the booking is full on the day.
● Please make a reservation 3hours before pick up the car,and before 6 pm from website below.
※ Or you can book a car from our call center.(Japanese only.)
● Please be sure to bring your driving license valid in Japan.


JR Shin-Kobe St. Rental Car Arima Hot Spring Awajishima Island Shikoku

By presenting the KANSAI ONE PASS card

10% off discount

Expiration date
Until March 31, 2023


AddressKano-cho1-3-1, Chuo, Kobe
AccessOn 1F of JR Shin-Kobe Station
Regular holidayNon