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Suigo no Sato Maruyama

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The Omi-Hachiman suigo canals are known as one of the three great canal networks of Japan, and are of particular note even among the three due to retaining their natural, historic state even today. All of this has led to the Omi-Hachiman canals being called the greatest in Japan. Feel the natural history of Japan all across your body while enjoying a gentle rowboat cruise along the canals.


Suigo no Sato Maruyama

By presenting the KANSAI ONE PASS card

Regular Liner (April~November)
One adult 200 yen discount, one child 100 yen discount
One reservation ship (year-round) 500 yen discount
We are sorry but it cannot be combined with any other coupon.
Cash only

Expiration date
Until March 31, 2025


Address1467-3 Maruyama-cho, Omi-Hachiman City, Shiga
AccessImmediately after alighting at the "Maruyama" bus stop
HoursApril - November (Rowboat)
December - March (Rental boat / reservation required) See the homepage for departure times
Regular holidayOpen every day